Since you have no experience in this area, pictures can help you release your creative side. You may like the decorations on one cake, but not the style. or you may love the design of a cake that seems to be tiered at odd angles, but not the way it is decorated. You can combine the two.

Fortunately wedding cakes mean big business and there are plenty of great resources to help you find wedding cake pictures.

Today's wedding cakes are not the cakes that your mother's generation had. They have moved beyond the typical round or square layers. Wedding cakes come in al shapes and sizes.

What would have been impossible 15 years ago is now commonplace and pictures help you to understand what can be done. Wedding cakes can be a combination of several shapes arranged in unusual ways. Cake toppers are no longer just the cutesy bride and groom of the past. Themed cakes such as Harley Motorcycle cakes were unheard of a few years ago. Now themed cakes are the order of the day.

Resources to get the most out of wedding cake pictures:

If you do a web search for wedding cake photos you will get so many links that you could still be looking 50 years from now. It is possible you will find a cake in time for your silver anniversary. We do have a few ideas that can help use resources other than the internet to look for cake ideas.

Local Wedding Photographers

Every wedding photographer takes pictures of the cake and cake cutting ceremony. They should be happy to show you, especially if you let them know you are also shopping for a photographer. You can find photographers in the yellow pages.

Local Bakeries

Every baker that makes wedding cakes should have a portfolio of wedding cakes they have made. You may find your cake there. Don't be afraid to ask if they can take elements from two or more cakes to create a wedding cake that is uniquely yours. Even if you are planning to make your own cake this may give you some ideas.


If you want to make your own cake, libraries will have cookbooks that you can use to find a recipe. They will also likely have wedding planning books that will probably have cake pictures. If your library has a magazine section check for bridal magazines, they usually have wedding cake pictures.

Many libraries have local directories which should list wedding planners, photographers, bakers, hotels and caterers, all of which should have pictures of their work.


Many hotels cater wedding receptions, ask the receptionist or banquet manager who they think is the best baker in the area is. The hotel may even have their own baker. If so, ask to see examples of their work. These people as well as bakeries and photographers, all deal with real cakes and should know the best bakers.

Book Stores

Take a look at wedding planning books, and bridal magazines for pictures of wedding cakes you might be interested in.


Caterers often have favorite bakers that they refer clients to or may even have their own bakers, if so again ask to see pictures.

Bridal Magazines

They often have pictures of beautiful cakes with credit to the baker. you may be lucky enough to come upon an issue that concentrates on choosing a wedding cake and is loaded with pictures.


Modern Bride

The Knot

Bridal Guide

Online Resources

An online search for wedding cakes or wedding cake pictures will yield so many sources that you could grow old and gray before you find a wedding cake picture for the cake of your dreams. You may want to check out this web site:

At this site you will find hundreds of pictures of beautiful, unique, elegant, whimsical, avant-garde and unusual wedding cakes. Feel fee to take elements of two or more cakes to create your cake. There are no rules, if you want a unique flavor or bright color, go for it. They also have wonderful recipes you can use to make your own wedding cake.

Themed Weddings

If you and or your spouse are in law enforcement or the military you can have your cake made to reflect that. Do you share a hobby or activity? Design your cake to reflect that interest. Cake toppers can be a problem if they are tacky, cheap or just plain awful. However they can be elegant and unique, to reflect ethnic roots, religion, and hobbies.

You can separate the tiers of you wedding cake with items that can also reflect your interest.

Wedding cake pictures are very important to the couple, they will cherish them and remember all the delight for years to come. These pictures tell a story, they tell us something about the couple and their interests and about the baker designer.

One look, lasting a matter of seconds, and you will know if this is a cake design you can work with. This is a lot faster than reading cake descriptions and gives you more information.

One tip, when you see a cake that interests you, make a note of where you saw the picture and what attracts you. That way if you decide to take another look you won't go nuts trying to locate it. Remember choosing a cake from looking at a wedding cake pictures should be fun, so relax and enjoy it.