Cake toppers have come a long way since the traditional bride and groom, cherubs, doves and wedding bells. Now they are full of charm and romance and are a delightful new collectible whose popularity is on the rise. They can be made out of plastic, paper, hand-blown glass, metal or polymer clay, and are usually between 6" to 7.5" to fit on the cake.

Most online sites offer Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American brides and grooms, as well as inter racial couples. They also offer various Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine groom cake tops. Baseball, basketball, football, fishermen, golfers and hockey players (as well as pro and college teams) are well represented. And for professionals, there are cake tops for firemen, airline pilots, doctors, mail carriers, cooks, plumbers and many more.

These are some of the more comical cake tops we found while searching the Internet:

• Frankenstein Bride and Groom
• Naked Couple
• Bald Groom
• Ball and Chain
• Groom on a Short Leash
• Cow, Frog, and Dolphin Bride and Groom
• Pet Attendants

A new type of cake topper collectible is hand sculpted from polymer clay to resemble the bride and groom. You will need to send pictures (full front, full profile and full body) so they can make the personalized clay figures in your likeness. The price for this service is approximately $169.

Another custom-made wedding cake topper that is carefully created from your photos is the Wedding Couple Bobbleheads. Each one is specially made including 3D modeling of the face and head, including hair, eye and skin color. Currently one company offers the traditional bride and groom, a dancing couple, fireman couple, and military couple. They are 7-8 inches tall and cost $189.