The wedding cake is one of the most beautiful accessories at a wedding. It is an elegant representation of wedded bliss in an edible form. It is a work of art that is enjoyed by the bride and groom together.

It can get a bit overwhelming to choose a cake nowadays, which is why wedding planners suggest getting this item settled at least four months before. If you go with tradition, you get a wedding cake that is white, layered and has a "bride and groom" figurine on top. It is always nice to have options though. Nowadays, cakes may now come in any number of colors, usually matching the theme of the wedding.

Instead of the figurines, a bouquet of flowers may be used to top and decorate the cake. While fresh flowers are pretty, candy flowers are a more common sight on the cake. A really talented cake designer can even create some that match the flowers that the bride is carrying.

Not only can it now match the theme, it no longer needs to be in layers. Are you worried that the flower girl and ring bearer will be using their fingers on the cake? Then make the icing a fondant. It coats the cake like cloth and can't be swept off by a kid with a sweet tooth.

In quite a number of weddings, the cake isn't served to the guests. Knowing this, you might want to be practical and opt for an ornamental cake. This is a cake with fake layers except for the bottom one. The newly weds still get their beautiful looking centerpiece at less cost.

Of course, no matter what style you choose for the look of the cake, the most important thing to remember about it is the taste. Remember that you and the groom will be having a slice, so it's best to have a flavor that you both love.