You're finished sampling yummy cake and icing flavors and have picked out your wedding cake. What's next? Well, what to put on top of the cake, of course! While an arrangement of fresh flowers is one of the most popular choices, cake topper figurines are making a huge comeback. Traditional choices are doves, hearts and a bride & groom. Who can go wrong with such romantic icons? But they aren't the only way to top your cake.

If you're having a specific theme to your wedding, a cake topper is an excellent place to further express it. How about a snowflake figurine for a winter wedding? Perhaps pumpkins or gourds for a fall wedding - either a pretty figurine, or something yummy made out of marzipan. Dolphins or starfish would be perfect for a beach theme.

Seasonal fruits and berries are a delicious, and practical choice. Bunches of gorgeous grapes, or fresh strawberries or blueberries have such beautiful colors that add a lovely rich look - so perfect for spring or summer weddings. If you're having a winter wedding, use small sugared fruits like apples and pears.

New trends in cake toppers include candles (make sure your baker reinforces the cake where the candles will be placed, so the weight of the candles don't cause them to sink into the cake), vintage bride & groom toppers, and monograms - several companies offer silver or Swarovski crystal monogram cake toppers. And speaking of Swarovski, their wedding cake jewelry of romantic sprays of heart-shaped crystal drops adds an extra touch of glitz and glitter.

The possibilities are truly endless!