White flower girl dresses are the classic choice. It's an easy, safe choice right?

Not at all. Not all 'whites' are created equal.

Not all whites look good together. In fact, some can look really, really bad together.

So what to do? Just follow a few basics and you should be fine.

While color is becoming more popular, chances are that the Bride's wedding gown will be mostly some shade of white. White is white. Or is it?

White comes in many shades and hues, and many do not work well together. There is Brilliant White (often just called 'white') - Diamond White (which is really off-white) - Off-White - Candlelight - Silk White (more on that in a moment) - Ivory - Cream - and there are others.

What it comes down to is this: When bright whites and off-whites are mixed, the person(s) in the off-white colors will look dingy next to the bright white. Simply put - bright whites and off-whites do not mix well together.

And if you are the Bride, this could be an especially terrible thing!

Many bridal gowns are in silk. "Silk White" is absolutely never bright white - that is the nature of the gorgeous natural fabric. Silk white (no matter how brightly it is dyed) will never look good next to bright white of other fabrics (like polyester, cotton or nylon).

"But my gown is satin" . . . . you say. But the REAL question is - What is the satin made of? Is the satin made of polyester, nylon, acetate, silk?

"My gown is made of organza" -- again - same question.

In other words, what is the fiber content (rather than the 'weave', which is satin or velvet or tulle, etc.).

Why is it important?

You need to know to coordinate the rest of the wedding party. If the Bride is in silk white or any shade of off-white you DEFINITELY do not want anybody else in the wedding party to be wearing bright white because it will make the bride look dingy. It can be easily avoided.

Now, if you are the kind of bride who wants to glow and everybody else look a little less stellar, here is your chance to reverse the roles . . . but it's not recommended. . . .

Interestingly enough, the off-whites and deeper ivories often go very well together. One of our #1 selling color combinations for Flower Girl dresses is in an ivory/champagne color (see the Melissa dress in our Private Collection).

So when you are selecting your white flower girl dress or dresses, be sure to know exactly what shade of white you need to coordinate. If the Bride is in brilliant white, the flower girl dress should also be brilliant white but if the bride is in off-white or silk white, the white flower girl dress should be the correct shade as well. If you want color -- we have many suggestions for you, too!