Wouldn't it be great if just for one day - your wedding day - all the women serving as your bridesmaids could all look similar, if not exactly alike? How easy it would be then to outfit them all with the same dresses, shoes, hairstyles, bridesmaid jewelry, etc.!

But, alas, bridesmaids do not come in cookie-cutter sizes or shapes. Some have long hair, some have short hair; some are petite, others are tall; some can wear any kind of jewelry with flair and grace, while others need some second thoughts before donning those long, dangling earrings. (Yes, even some otherwise beautiful bridesmaids have big ears!) So before you automatically choose the jewelry for your ‘maids, think along these lines.

Think "Complementary"

But you can still have all your bridesmaids have that pulled-together look - it just takes some planning. Perhaps there are one or two that absolutely cannot wear any type of long, dangly earring without calling attention, to, um, "larger than normal" ears. Don't despair! Mix up the jewelry by having some of them wear necklaces, some earrings, and some can wear bracelets.

Just make sure the jewelry is all in the same color, style, and material. This will add cohesiveness to the bridesmaid jewelry that will also include interest. For instance, you can have one or two of the bridesmaids wearing those long earrings you adore that are made of peach-colored abalone, just make sure the others are wearing necklaces, bracelets, or brooches made with the same shell and in the same color and style.

Keep Necklines in Mind!

Another thing to you have to keep in mind when selecting bridesmaid jewelry has to do, of course, with the dresses. You don't want your bridesmaids wearing long pendants that hit just at the spot where a plunging neckline begins. Nor do you want to try to have them wear choker-style necklaces with dresses having necklines that come up the neckline, such as a halter-style dress. A good rule of thumb for selecting necklaces is this: Choose them to follow the style of the dress' necklines. For a v-neck dress, for example, choose necklaces with a Y-drop, lariat or back-dangle, or the classic pendant-style necklace. And, of course, it may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people forget that brooches cannot be worn with strapless bridesmaid dresses!

Give it Away!

Something to think about when you're shopping for bridesmaid jewelry is that you can also give your selections to the bridesmaids as gifts. Present the pieces to them in pretty boxes tied with a bow. If you have chosen wisely, they will be able to wear the jewelry for years afterward - and it's guaranteed they'll remember your happy day each time they do!

Bridesmaid jewelry does not have to be expensive. And some places online that sell it offer discounts when you purchase in quantity, especially when you're buying sets - the earrings and the necklace (and sometimes bracelets, too). So take the time to surf the ‘Net awhile and checkout what's out there - you are sure to be pleasantly surprised!