Becoming a big part of someone's special day can be a very important moment in your flowergirl's life. Every little girl loves to play dress up and look like the big girls, and your flower girl is no different. When you asked her to be part of your special day, she was probably nervous, but very excited. You probably didn't even realize how important and special you made her feel.

Finding the right flowergirl jewelry for your little lady can sometimes be a daunting task. Many bridal salons do not carry flowergirl jewelry, making it a bit difficult for the bride to check that task off of her list. Selecting the most beautiful flowergirl jewelry that doesn't look all grown up and gaudy is very important. You don't want your flowergirl looking overdone.

When selecting your flowergirl jewelry, consider the flowergirls dress style. Is her dress similar to the brides? Is her dress the same color as the bridesmaids? If her dress is the same style and color as the brides dress, and the bride will be wearing pearls, then selecting a simpler style of pearl jewelry will look most appropriate. If the flowergirl's gown matches the bridesmaids dresses, then selecting the same color or style of flowergirl jewelry to match theirs would coordinate well.

Whether you attempt to match up your flowergirl jewelry with the brides style of bridal jewelry or the bridesmaids, select flowergirl jewelry that is dainty and delicate. There are more and more online stores that are offering better selections of color and style for the flowergirl, you just have to hunt for them a little bit. Remember, this day is very important to your flowergirl. She may be just as nervous as the bride. Nevertheless, your flowergirl will feel included, special and beautiful on your wedding day when you give her flowergirl jewelry that she can proudly wear, just like the big girls.