Your flower girl's a doll. That's why you picked her. She's a real treasure that you naturally want to deck out with flower girl accessories. But that's not why you should shower that little girl with fun treasures that mark the occasion. Rather, remember that to your friends and extended family who don't know her, she's just another little girl. Well chosen and lovely flower girl accessories help them to see her the way you do. But even better, they will make her feel like the princess that she is.

One function of many flower girl accessories is to help a young girl to understand her role in the celebration of your big day. Books written for children about the role she will play in your wedding will help in many cases. But sometimes simply a gift of everyday apparel that announces her place in your wedding helps her to understand the importance of the role and to revel in it.

But it doesn't stop there! The jewelry and special baskets can help a flower girl to understand and embrace her role as well. Just seeing and anticipating the opportunity to put on the jewelry is enough for many girls to suddenly turn into little ladies prepared to embrace their role as the junior lady in waiting in the regal court of your wedding.

A real benefit to you, beyond the bond you build with your flower girl by having her as a real part of your wedding is that you can find accessories to fit your wedding theme:

- Are you planning a fairytale princess themed wedding? Then a child sized tiara might be just perfect for your flower girl. Or perhaps equipping your junior attendants with silver attendant bells would be just the finishing touch your wedding needs.

- Are your decorations centered on pearls? Get your flower girl a pearl jewelry set.

- Are you building a beach themed wedding? A beach themed wedding, even one that's not near the beach, could be completed with the help of a beach themed flower girl basket.

Ultimately, if you think them through and use them well, flower girl accessories can be a major asset to your wedding day.

Of course, there is one more value worth mentioning. The little woman that you have chosen to be in your wedding is special - very special, or you wouldn't have chosen her. Show her how much you value her with flower girl accessories that she will treasure for years to come.