Side by side you've laughed, cried, and experienced life…and on the celebration of your Big Day, they're still going to be right there by your side. In fact you wouldn't dream of getting married without them.

They are your best friend(s), your sister(s), cousins etc. and the most beautiful people you know. So, why shouldn't they look beautiful on your special day?

Keep in mind that they are each unique individuals with their own distinct personality, style, body type and taste….and that the objective is not only that they look good, but feel good and above all, have a good time. Pay your girls a compliment by choosing a complimentary bridesmaid dress that's not only fashionable, but figure-flattering, functional and practical…better yet, let them choose. Remember, no two girls are alike, so their dresses don't necessarily have to be either. Allowing each girl to express her signature style is a great gift to give, in exchange for their gift of friendship and being in your bridal party.

A few material considerations:

· Ask each girl to address her own personal concerns and offer any ideas suggestions or ideas.

· Set parameters (including perhaps color scheme or theme, and manufacturer) and allow each girl to choose her most flattering style. Consider offering some alternative options such as choice of color or mixing and matching separates. Stick to styles and materials that are practical and comfortable.

· Be sensitive to financial considerations. Look for dresses that can be used again and that are within your girls' budget. If your tastes exceed your girls' allotted budget offer to assist by either paying (entirely or partially) for their dresses or assisting with the purchase of accessories.

· Incorporate unique accents that will reflect each girl's personality and allow her to make her own special fashion statement. From accessories to bouquets, custom pieces are great way to let your girls express themselves.

· Stay flexible and give your girls freedom of choice….it's the best way to ensure your girls feel good about themselves, have fun and shine in the spotlight.