The father of the bride also plays an important role in the wedding. In keeping with tradition, the father is the supporter and protector of his daughter. However, his relationship with his family, as well as his financial situation determines just how big or small his role will be.

He may be a traditional father, demanding respect, and expecting that he will have a major role in his daughters wedding. He may however feel the opposite of this, in that he does not want much or any involvement in the plans of the wedding. If the father wishes to be a part of the planning, he has certain roles to fulfill. These would include but are not limited to: providing emotional and financial support to the bride, father of the bride speech, wedding planning, keeping the bride relaxed and calm before the ceremony, escorting the bride to the place of worship, and walking with her up the aisle on his right arm.

He must stand on her left on the chancel steps. The minister will ask who gives this woman away, and the father will answer? I do? He than may take the brides right hand, and give it to the minister, who will than give it to the groom. He will than stand quietly in position, until the vows have been exchanged, in which he'll than return to the pew on the left side of the church. The custom remains traditional for both parents to witness the signing of the register.

The father of the bride will play a key role with his daughters wedding. With traditional walk up the aisle, plans of the wedding and the father of the bride speech at the reception. All this work is custom for the father and traditional wedding for his daughter will go over well planned.