When choosing your Maid/Matron of honor you should make sure she is someone you can depend upon through thick and thin as she will play a major role in your wedding. She can be your best friend, or a family member. Some brides are even asking their mothers' to stand up with them as their Matron of Honor.

Here are some of the duties of the Maid/Matron of Honor

1. Provides the bride with advice and moral support when she is frustrated and ready to pull her hair.

2. Helps with pre-wedding activities such as addressing invitations, making phone calls, and running errands. Often accompanies the bride when meeting caters, florist, bakers etc.

3. Helps the bride pick her gown and the bridesmaid dresses.

4. Acts as the head-bridesmaid: organizes bridesmaid's gown fittings, schedules all wedding day hair and makeup appointments, spreads the word about the bridal registry.

5. Pays for her own wedding attire (excluding flowers).

6. Attends all pre-wedding parties.

7. May host a bridal shower (with or without the help of the bridesmaids).

8. Helps the bride dress and stay calm on her wedding day.

9. Precedes the bride down the isle.

10. Holds the groom's ring until ceremony exchange (only if there is no ring-bearer).

11. Arranges bride's veil and train during ceremony.

12. Holds bride's bouquet during part of the ceremony.

13. May stand in receiving line.

14. May sign the wedding certificate as a witness.

15. Helps the bride get ready for her honeymoon when leaving the reception.

16. After the reception she gathers up any gifts, and makes sure they are brought safely to the couple's home.

17. In the days following the reception she will make sure any rental items are returned to the store. She may also take the bride's wedding gown to the dry-cleaners so it can be preserved properly (Hint: The sooner the gown is dry-cleaned, the less chance there are of permanent stains!)