The cutest wedding guest of all, the flower girl steals our hearts away as she precedes the bride in an angel-like fashion. It's her sweet miniature presence that lends a perfect finishing touch to the gala wedding event. Herein arises the concern of dressing the little flower girl appropriately so as to match the grace of the bride.

Selection of the right dress for a flower girl demands discretion. Given below is a list of essential tips to help you ward off every dilemma with regard to the choice of a flower girl dress.

  1. Create a Style Statement
  2. Bridal styles, unlike the flower girl ones, have always undergone a phase of evolution. However, the style of the flower girl dresses still pertains to the traditional norms. Your flower girl dress can mirror the style of the bride's dress in color, length, lace or beading but should never miss out on the "classical little girl" style. Besides, the venue of the event should be kept in mind while deciding the kind of dress to be worn. For instance, some styles go better for a big hotel ball room while others might work for a beach!

  3. Match Up Your Dress with the Season
  4. Winter, spring, summer, or autumn- the flower girl dress should complement the season. If velvets and velour are perfect for winters, lighter fabrics are preferable to keep the little wedding guest comfortable during summer. As regards footwear, high heels should ideally be avoided so as to prevent any kind of discomfort to the little child. Instead, a ballet slipper style in kid or patent leather would be right for the kid.

  5. Complementing Colors with the Bride's
  6. Color of the flower girl's dress should complement that of the bride so as to appease the eyes of the beholders. It can be white, or the same color as the bridesmaids dresses. If her dress is white, a colored floral accent may be used to tie it in with the bridesmaid dresses.

  7. Prioritize on Comfort
  8. The flower girl might look just out of the world, but if her attire is uncomfortable, it would easily get mirrored in her face and behavior. Scratchy dresses and tight shoes have been responsible for temper tantrums and fidgeting in most cases. Hence, the comfort issue needs greater prioritization than any other.

  9. Length of the Attire
  10. Length of the dress can vary according to the age of the flower girl. However, it's best to go for shorter length dresses so as to avoid tripping over a long skirt. A younger girl can wear a knee length "princess" style dress, while an older girl might prefer a more sophisticated silhouette, with greater length.

  11. Never Compromise on Quality
  12. Gone are the days when flower girl dresses were bought for a single day use. These pretty attires can be re-worn on special occasions or handed down as heirloom. Opting for cheap fabric mars the child's comfort. So it's best to go for a better quality fabric that can be re-worn and provide optimum comfort to the little kid.

  13. Dress to the Occasion
  14. A choice of the appropriate attire must complement the theme of the wedding party. If the entire wedding party follows a black and white theme, a white organza dress with lovely back or hand bead work matching the bride would simply look incomparable.

  15. Avoid Wrinkle Prone Fabric
  16. Wrinkle prone fabrics often give a messy appearance. Opting for silk or velvet is best. Besides, the little flower girl should be dressed until the very last minute so as to avoid any nuisance that might arise on account of her spilling a glass of milk or juice just before the party.

The above-mentioned tips will certain make your flower girl dress selection easier. Do not forget that the little flower girl is the cutest guest around- her fairy-like dress, tiara, and satin sashes add to her little girl charms. This is perhaps the reason why the flower girl fashion has not changed over the years. Flower girl dresses should thus complement the age of the sweet little kid- making her the cynosure of everyone's eyes!