When choosing the group of ladies who will be involved in your wedding is not an easy task. There are several things that you must consider first before choosing your bridesmaids.

When choosing your wedding party you will want to include your family, friends and possibly your co-workers. Some times though this is not possible. Before you choose your wedding party you must first consider several things out lined below.

Responsibilities of your bridesmaids

  • Pay for all rental clothing and accessories
  • Be available for fittings
  • Stand up with one of the groomsmen and dance at least one dance with the groomsman
  • Help look after younger children
  • Just make sure the brides wedding day is the day of her dreams
  • Help pay and plan for the girl's night out
  • Be at all rehearsals if possible
  • Follow the brides schedule to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Arrive early to the wedding before all other guests
  • Be on time for photo shoots
  • Help the bride with all tasks that she delegates

Will she have the means

You should let your bridesmaids know right away that there will be some financial obligation on there part. Your bridesmaids should be able to pay for there dress and all accessories. She should be able to attend all events associated with the wedding and have reliable transportation. If you must insist on a bridesmaid that is not financially able then you should be creative. Either pay for some or try to raise money from other family members or bridesmaids to help pay for her dress, accessories and so on.

Can't we all just get along

Before choosing your bridal party you must consider each woman and there personality. Ask yourself do we all get along well, can we work together as a group without conflict? If not you should consider choosing mutual friends because nothing is worse on your wedding day than fighting bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids status

Before choosing consider all the situations that your bridal party is in. Are they having financial trouble, are they pregnant, or are they just a really busy person. If they are just to busy or can not fulfill the obligations that are needed by the bridesmaids then you should think twice before choosing them.

Before you choose

Sometimes the bridesmaid that you choose will not live in your area. You should consider this before taking the plunge and saying yes before you think things out. Ask yourself will this person always be available, have reliable transportation, and be there for me with in a blink of an eye? If not you should possibly consider someone else.

Although it really is not possible for all of your friends and family members to have a star role in your wedding but, there are other smaller roles that will make them feel very much apart of your wedding. Such as ushers, guest book attendant or maybe they have some special talents that they can display and entertain your guests.

Most of all just make sure you can truly rely on your wedding party and that they are there for you no matter what the situation and you will have an excellent wedding.