Traditionally the groom chooses his best man. This important role is usually filled by a best friend or a family member such as a brother, cousin, or even a father. It is also acceptable for the groom to choose a close female friend or family member to stand up with him - she is referred to as an attendant.

The best man's duties are many and varied. Here is a list of some of his (her) duties:

1. Checks on last minute details such as transportation and accommodations for out-of-town ushers.

2. Makes sure the groom is properly dressed and at the wedding site on time.

3. Pays the ceremony officiant his fee immediately after the ceremony. The groom is responsible for this fee and gives the money to the best man before the ceremony.

4. Carries the bride's wedding ring down the aisle.

5. Makes sure the ushers are all properly dressed and at the ceremony on time. Also makes sure the ushers understand how to seat the guests.

6. May sign the marriage license as a witness.

7. Proposes the first toast at the reception to the happy couple.

8. May stand in the receiving line or circulate with guests.

9. Sits to the right of the bride.

10. Tries to make sure the guests feel welcome by introducing people around.

11. Along with the Maid/Matron of honor, collects any gifts and cards at the reception and delivers them to the couple's home.

12. Holds and protects the couples luggage and travel documents during the reception. It is a good idea to place items in the trunk of a car.

13. After the reception he escorts the bride and groom to the "get-away-car" or drives them to the airport.

14. Makes sure that all the tuxedoes are returned to the store the first business day after the wedding. The longer you keep the tuxes the more money it will cost you.