I felt honored when my best friend asked me to be the matron of honor at her wedding. I was also thrilled when she asked my daughter to be the flower girl. However, I felt a bit leery when I realized that I had to buy two gowns for the occasion. Fortunately, the bride reminded me that the present market offers a lot of affordable flower girl dresses.

To be honest, I wanted my best friend to reconsider her choice in flower girls because of another reason. You see, I don't want to deal with the stress involved with having a toddler as the center of attention during the crucial moments before the wedding ceremony. The bride suggested that discuss some options starting with affordable flower girl dresses.

I felt relieved that little girls' formal attire is available at reasonable prices. I was also relieved when I was allowed to let my daughter accompany me down the aisle. This is a better option than letting her do it by herself during the procession.

Honestly, I thought that my best friend lost her mind when she initially suggested that I shop online for affordable flower girl dresses. I imagined how difficult it would be to sift through the thousands of options available on the Internet. In the end, it turned out that I was able to narrow down the search.

I was looking at brand new, affordable flower girl dresses that were as low as $28.99 in no time at all. I had a difficult time in narrowing down my choices to just a handful of these stunning dresses. Since I had many pictures to print for the bride to see, I felt lucky that there was a lot of ink in my printer.

It was ironic that I chose one of the cheaper kids' gowns. I had to consult the bride as to which of the affordable flower girl dresses she wanted me to get. I figured that I really couldn't go wrong with online prices as low as $28.99.

Predictably, she wasn't too thrilled with my top choice. Fortunately, she liked my second pick. After seeing that one, she didn't really need to see any more affordable flower girl dresses. I had a great dress for my little one and I even had extra cash for accessories because of the wonderful options online.