The first year of marriage, so new and fresh and exciting! Wedding memories are still fresh in your minds. The symbol for the anniversary is paper and so traditionally a gift of paper is customary, but this does not mean a simple card will do it. Create a unique keepsake print of all your favorite wedding photographs, to be framed and displayed.

Gather up those photographs and have a beautiful, unique photo collage created. Your cherished memories are blended together in one unique photo print suitable for framing and take center stage on a prominent wall in your home. It makes a wonderful conversation piece for anyone visiting your home as well. Relive your memories everyday with all your favorite photos on display.

Husbands, this is the perfect gift for your blushing bride, surprise her with a sentimental gift. Brides, this is a great dual gift for, wonderful to commemorate your first year with your husband. Mom's and Dad's, give a gift your daughter or son and their spouse will cherish forever.

Another idea is a to have a photo collage created of your first year together, starting with the wedding day. Include the wedding, honeymoon, any special events like the purchase of a first home, family events, birth of a first child, and any other special moments from your first year together.

A custom created photo collage of your lives together is the perfect "paper" wedding anniversary gift. A traditional symbolic gift with a new modern twist.