A traditional wedding anniversary gift varies annually. There are certain characteristics of each gift's description for couples to follow each year. Many couples follow traditional guidelines very carefully. Although it may be considered a little "old fashioned," these guidelines have been around for many years. Older and younger couples make use of these suggestions to employ tradition. As they've been around for many years already, these traditional anniversary suggestions will be around for many more years to come.

Traditional couples are encouraged to be clever with their gift ideas. After all, many traditional gifts require some form of creativity. Take for instance the first and second year anniversary gifts, which are of paper and cotton. That requires some thought! Nevertheless, the first anniversary, which is a traditional gift of paper, provides a large amount of space for options. Gifts can be in the form of money, magazine subscriptions, cards, and stationary. You can personalize any of these gifts or come up with ideas of your own to choose from. Throughout the years, these traditional gives can be kept as mementos or family heirlooms.

Many of the milestones provide platforms for more expensive gifts. For instance, a tenth year anniversary's traditional gift is China. There's an unlimited resource of information on China available through the internet. Despite this information, be forewarned that some of the finest China can come with a hefty price tag. If you have questions about specific collectible pieces, go to an official website for price-related information. Others, of course, are less expensive--but quite often look just as good. Perhaps your spouse already has a partial set of fine China that they've been collecting. If so, you can always add to their collection.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts don't have to be boring. A traditional gift list is meant to be used as a guideline. You can use a purchase a gift made out of a specific material and put your own unique spin on it. Add a spice of your every gift you purchase on an annual basis. Whether it's a milestone or not. Feeling playful? Wrap the gift in humorous gift-wrap. Give a humorous card. Your spouse will be tickled and thankful that you remembered your special day. Even if they know their gift will be made of, they'll have no idea what to expect. Your spouse will be filled with anticipation each year.