It's hard to believe that as far as traditions go, your twenty-fifth anniversary is actually considered a bigger occasion. You'd think being married 30 years would rate a little higher up on the food chain. After all, you have spent five more years together. Well, maybe your thirtieth anniversary isn't as big a deal in the eyes of the event evaluators, but the anniversary gifts that go along with it are off the charts. This year you have both traditional and modern day gift ideas to choose from and they are both winners.

The traditional gift for this anniversary is pearl. Ladies, you all know what pearls are. Guys, you all know what real pearls cost. Hey, you've been married 30 years so the poor woman deserves a nice string of pearls for putting up with you for 30 years. Ah, but how can you tell what a good string of pearls looks and feels like? Here are some tips when buying your wife her string of wonders.

The first thing you have to do, when you go to buy those pearls is to make sure that they are a real strand of pearls. Don't take the salesperson's word for it. There is an easy way to tell. If you take the strand and rub it across your teeth, you'll find that they are rough and gritty. If you did this with a fake string of pearls, they would feel smooth. Also, if you hold them in your hand at first they will feel cold and then they will feel warm. These are two sure-fire ways to tell if those pearls are the real thing.

It doesn't really matter whether you get your wife natural or cultured pearls. The only difference is that natural pearls are created entirely by the oyster itself. Cultured pearls are helped along by we humans. In either case, they are still real. Just make sure the clasp in the back is sturdy. You don't want your pearls coming apart on you.

If you're adventurous, you might want to go with the modern day anniversary gift idea, which is a diamond. In the old days before there was a modern anniversary gift list, diamonds were only for your sixtieth wedding anniversary. I guess they figured since so few people make it to 60 years, they'd make the modern day gift for number 30 a diamond as well. This gives more people something to shoot for that may actually be within reach.

Not much really has to be said about the diamond. I think it was Carol Channing who said that diamonds were a girl's best friend. That was true 50 years ago and it's true today. Guys, go down to a nice jeweler and get your wife the nicest rock you can find. She deserves it.

To say that your thirtieth anniversary is special is kind of like saying Superman is a good guy. It is special and because it's special, you should do everything in your power to make the gift you buy as special as the day itself. You have two amazing ideas to choose between.

Have a ball.