The strict followers of tradition tell you that a second wedding anniversary gift item should be of cotton. Cotton doesn't translate into a plain cotton sheet or a pillow. Too little creativity makes your second wedding anniversary gift a little colorless. Think out of the box and you will hit on an innovative idea that can change your gift giving into an exciting experience.

The man or woman for whom you want to honor with second wedding anniversary gift will be a close friend of you. And you will have fairly good idea about their personal likes and dislikes. Just as you can see, they have gathered all the essentials for their home. Chances are higher that the bed sheet that you would give them will only join a huge pile. Bring your thought process to outside the existing norms. Hey, to live is to change constantly.

A personalized notepad or some enveloped with cotton paper would make a nice second wedding anniversary gift idea. You can bring in any number of innovations with your cotton notepad. No, don't stop your thinking of cotton gift here. You honor our cotton tradition here and shows a good gesture that you have some thoughts reserved for your friend.

What if you look to modern traditions of second wedding anniversary? You can think of china as a second anniversary gift. If you have a chance check to make sure your friend doesn't have a big collection of china. Even then the appeal of china is unmistakable and almost everyone likes to occasionally add a set of two of china to their collection.

Everything Chinese also can make good second wedding anniversary gift item. It can be a gift certificate to enjoy always demanded Chinese cuisine at a local Chinese restaurant or a gift basket treasure hunt with Chinese items like Feng Shui crystals or fortune cookies.

The options don't end here; in fact this is your starting point of finding a unique second wedding anniversary gift. Just make a search at or to find out the rich variety of cotton and Chinese jewelry and craft items available.

It is the relationship between you and your friend and your simple gesture of thoughtfulness will be remembered for a long time.