Every year brings with it countless celebrations commemorating one thing or another that occurred at some point in history, also known as an 'anniversary'. Anniversaries can be related to most anything but for the sake of narrowing things down wedding anniversaries will be the topic for this article; more importantly, anniversary gifts. To celebrate such a day as a wedding anniversary requires nothing less than a spectacular gift exchange. You've probably heard the stories of how so and so bought so and so a new car or a huge ring but the point of this article is not to break your check book but to enlighten you as to how to give the best anniversary gift each and every year.

The length of the marriage will help in determining the anniversary gift to be given. If the marriage is young, you don't want to go all out. The first few years will entail flowers of course and then usually dinner and something of value but not too expensive, maybe a gift that compliments a hobby of the loved one. Keep in mind that you are going to have to outdo each year as the marriage progresses so you do not want to start out with something that cannot be topped without filing for bankruptcy shortly after. The most important part of the anniversary gift at the beginning of the marriage is always the remembering part, which will always be crucial, but when the marriage is just starting out young couples are still euphoric from the plain fact that they are married so over the top anniversary gifts are not yet needed.

As the years progress and number five rolls around you will want to make this a little more special. You should know your loved one quite well at this point and this will help greatly in selecting the perfect anniversary gift. Start listening to them for the six months leading up to the anniversary and try and home in on what they really want and then play it off in such a way that the gift becomes something of a fantasy that may or may not come true one day. This is where the element of surprise will also aid you in your quest to wow your spouse. As the anniversary draws closer make sure the anniversary gift is acquired and ready to be given, many plans have been thwarted by the sold out response from certain vendors or suppliers. Now the gift is the highlight of the anniversary but make sure you lead up to it in a way that will become memorable. Do not just hand it to your spouse but gently present it, for instance start the time with a meal; lunch or dinner depending on the time and then spend some time talking, reflecting upon the marriage. When you feel the timing is right spring out a card you should have purchased and then throw a little hint about the anniversary gift you have hidden and is waiting to be given.

This is obviously a generic blueprint, but I'm sure you get the point. Use your own creativity and you should be able consistently to pull off the best anniversary gift year in and year out.