Having spent six years with your partner is reason for celebration! You know them a bit better by now; know their tastes and distastes. It can still be difficult though to come up with original ideas when it comes to anniversary gifts. However, there are plenty of options, if you just give it some thought. Here are some things to jump-start your search.

The theme of year 6 is Iron. If you're going the more traditional way (and your partner likes to cook), consider a set of skillets. Golf clubs are another option, as are decorative items for garden and home. Doorknockers and lanterns also provide decoration for the inside or outside of your home. Last but not least, if you and your partner are into heavy metal music, check when Iron Maiden or another heavy metal band is in town and get tickets.

Year 7 is the year of Wool or Copper. Here of course you have the options of getting blankets, a coat or sweater. You will also find beautiful decorative items and antiques made of copper. If you're looking to take a trip, think Peru (Llama wool) or Chile (it has the world's biggest copper mines) and don't forget jewelry made of copper.

Bronze is the theme for year 8. Again, you can find beautiful antiques or decorative items, such as vases and sculptures. Bronze is also used to make jewelry.

For year 9, you have Pottery or China. For pottery, consider plants in pots (only if your partner enjoys plants), vases and urns or how about a trip to Pottery Barn? If you and your partner enjoy something more relaxing and creative, sign up for pottery classes. Remember that scene from "Ghost"? Well, you get the idea. For china you can be extravagant, like buying a trip to China! If your wallet is not that full, go with the traditional china dishes. Vases, urns and other decorative objects are other options, as well as antiques.

Year 10 is Tin or Aluminum and if you and your partner enjoy the great outdoors, get a fishing boat! Just make sure you have some kind of body of water in your area first. Tea or coffee tins are great as collectables and you can find beautiful ones in some antique stores. If you don't know your options in jewelry, tin cup jewelry is absolutely breathtaking. You'll get items from $25.00 all the way to £350.00, depending on the kind of gems used and not just for women; you can get a great bracelet or ring for your man. Aluminum is also used to make watches, so give him a watch if he has trouble being on time.

Many of these gifts, especially the bigger and more expensive ones, need to be discussed before purchasing them. If your wife collects porcelain figures, don't lug home a huge sculpture made of bronze! And if your house is about to be foreclosed, a fishing boat or trip to Chile might not be in your best interest. A watch might be wiser in that case. Good luck!