Choosing the best man seems to be easier for the groom since his male friends are not so emotional when it comes to being bypassed during selection time. This is especially true for men who have managed to maintain a close friendship with an individual who can even be a blood relative.

Despite this, the groom should still observe some of the proven guidelines when choosing his sidekick. That is, if he does not want to be saddled with all the pre-wedding responsibilities that should have been taken on by the man had he chosen one responsible enough to perform his duties. There are no limits to the possible candidates for this role. You can choose your best friend, your brother or even a close cousin. There are no hard and fast rules to choosing the best man. However, there are other considerations aside from the bond of blood or friendship.

First, do you think the person you are eyeing would accept the responsibility? In most cases, it is the best man who organizes the bachelor party. If you are getting a younger cousin who is still financially dependent then this might be a problem. It is also questionable if he can arrange a party suited to you.

A good candidate is often one who can financially meet the responsibilities. This means he can provide his own clothes for the big day (unless you are paying for everyone), has enough confidence to negotiate with people (in case you are not available to take care of the reception arrangements) and can attend functions related to the wedding.

The best man is to the groom as the maid of honor is to the bride. He will be there to assist you when you are almost in a state of panic or when you are having second thoughts about proceeding with the wedding. He is someone who will stick it out with you no matter what. If you can describe your final choice with only one word, he should be responsible. Take this tip and you would have a lot to be thankful for when crunch time comes.