In the past grooms took a backseat when it came to planning a wedding, preferring to let their bride-to-be do the majority of the work. However, times are now changing and more men want to be involved in the planning process. The problem is that most men really don't know how to plan a wedding so they need your guidance.

Here are some responsibilities for the groom:

1. Gather Paperwork

Make it his responsibility to apply for the wedding license, research blood-test requirements, and coordinate passport applications if needed for travel. In addition, add the bride's name to financial accounts, wills, insurance policies, if you have mutually decided this will be in your best interest.

2. Arrange Transportation

Interview Limousine companies or arrange for other transportation to the wedding, and reception hall. Make sure to provide the transportation company with accurate directions and with a time schedule of the days events.

3. Plan the Honeymoon

Once you both decide upon your locale, he should go about booking the trip and securing transportation to and from the airport, which could be provided by the best man.

4. Coordinate Groomsmen Attire

In addition to the grooms attire, set up fittings for tuxedo rentals for the wedding. He should make sure everyone has the necessary accessories (i.e. vest, tie, matching shoes & socks). He should also arrange to have the tuxedos returned to the store the next business day after the wedding.

5. Help the bride set up a budget, write the guest list, and pick out the invitations.

If the groom's parents want to contribute financially to the wedding, he should speak to them privately (without the bride). That way they will not feel any pressure. (Remember, his parents are going to be a very important part of your life so you do not want to alienate them!)

The groom should ask his parents who they would like to invite to the wedding. Again, the groom may want to do this without his bride. Before speaking to the parents, make sure you know exactly how many people they are allowed to invite.