If you though Niagara Falls was just for honeymooners, think again! It is the perfect spot for the destination wedding of your dreams and the services are spectacular!

When it comes to getting married in Niagara Falls, the local businesses are ready and waiting to make your special day an event to remember. These charming people are all about making memories to last a lifetime. And what better setting than the romance of a rainbow rising up over the falls or the multi colored lights shining brightly at night?

A destination wedding of course immediately implies that you are going to be making many of your plans long distance, but the Internet has revolutionized that task so it really isn't difficult at all. In fact, planning can be a breeze if you take time and do your homework.

A simple Google search will reveal plenty of sites that give all the particulars of the process by which a marriage license is obtained. But basically, as long as neither you nor your significant other have been previously married, a trip to city hall with all your documentation is as easy as it gets. There is only one additional step required if you or your intended have been divorced, and that is basically a letter that has to be written by an attorney and presented to city hall as well. This adds a few weeks to the time frame, but again, the Internet will guide you ever step along the way.

The next choice most obvious decision is where to have the ceremony and the options are as numerous as the locations. Wedding in Niagara can range from a hotel or Chapel overlooking the Falls, to a ceremony in the water on the Maid of the Mist, to even one of many conservatory or botanical grounds that specialize in such events. And for the extremist couple, you can even be wed in a helicopter soaring over the Falls.

There are a wide variety of wedding companies that have their own chapels or in the alternative, they will gladly show up at the location of your choosing. These same companies also are very adept at point you in the right direction for other aspects of the wedding such as the limo, bakery, photographer, and reception or dining hall. Some of these companies will book everything directly for you while others are just happy to give you the recommendations of their fellow businesses owners and friends in their community.

Again, the Internet provides just about all of the information and service offerings you care to research and the websites are particularly detailed to accommodate people who are booking things long distance. Most companies realize that they are unable to meet with you in person and show you their work, so they have taken great care in producing examples of their work and communicating the quality of their product or service. And this alone, should be the determining factor when choosing which service to use. If a company does not have a good showing on their website or they are slow in returning email inquiries, then that will give you a pretty good idea to steer clear of that particular organization.

Even if the task seems daunting at first, planning a destination wedding in Niagara Falls long distance can be fun, efficient and a gratifying part of your special day. You will meet many wonderful people along the way who are very helpful and who will go out of their way to assist you in every aspect of your planning.