One of the most spectacular island groups in the entire Caribbean region are the Cayman Islands, a cluster of three sun swept islands situated northwest of Jamaica and due south of Cuba. Under the long term, but hands off political control of the British, the Cayman Islands successfully mixes Caribbean flair with English distinction to create a community that far outstrips its neighbors in wealth, pleasure, and prestige. Small wonder why this enchanted British territory is one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples from North America as well from the United Kingdom. You can plan to have your wedding event in the Cayman Islands too; please read on how you can make your paradise dreams become a reality.

Imagine that you and your espoused are getting married in a tropical paradise with all of your invited guests in attendance. Imagine that you have the choice of marrying on sandy white beaches, on the exquisitely manicured lawn of a private country club, or inside of a stately church or charming chapel. Yes, the Cayman Islands have it all and your choices in venue are only limited by your imagination.

What makes this island destination an exceedingly popular wedding venue is that it has so much to offer to everyone. Your guests will be happy to spend their time in the Cayman Islands where scuba diving is unmatched, enjoy a stroll along the famed Seven Mile Beach, take in a round of golf, involve yourself in shopping, or even do a little bit of business as The Cayman Islands is an important international finance center. No matter, your guests will be happy to wrap your wedding event around everything else they can during their stay at this island paradise.

Many couples choose to wed during the winter months as temperatures are typically in the mid seventies with no threat of hurricanes possible. Yes, the island cluster was hammered by Hurricane Ivan during 2004, but a concerted effort on the part of the government, businesses, and its citizens has meant a spectacular and rapid recovery. Naturally, if you are planning a wedding during the July to November timeframe, you will want to take note of this possibility.

Important events held in the Cayman Islands include Pirates Week which is actually a ten day festival closing out the month of October. A parade through George Town, the capital, along with street dances, music, food festivals, and sporting events help to make Pirates Week one of the most popular times for tourists to visit The Cayman Islands, therefore booking your wedding event well in advance of the festival will ensure that you are not disappointed.

In early May the Batabano Carnival is held, an event featuring hundreds of parading masked participants dressed in colorful regalia rivaling anything you have seen in Rio or in New Orleans for that matter. Batabano is also a popular time to hold a Cayman Island wedding with couples arranging their weddings to occur as close to the event as possible.

Summers are very warm in the Cayman Islands with daytime temperatures regularly approaching ninety degrees, but tempered by dependable trade winds. Many couples who desire a summer beach wedding choose to exchange vows just before sunset as the day's heat retreats. With the sound of the surf accompanied by a stunning sunset, a beach wedding followed by a reception at the Hyatt Regency Resort Grand Cayman, Windham Sunshine Suites, Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort, or other top quality hotel is one way to celebrate what is certain to be a memorable event for the happy couple and their guests.