Except in a melancholy connection, you seldom hear about love and true, old fashioned romance any more. But this was not the case with Steven Butler and his soon-to-be bride, Kate Watson, both from Manchester, England. This is a true love story, straight from a romance novel about a man sweeping a woman off of her feet.

What will undoubtedly be included in this year's top ten list of romantic wedding proposals, BarbadosBarbados.com was chosen to orchestrate the setting and location for Steven's proposal of marriage on the tiny, uninhabited island of Mopion in the Grenadines, a chain of small islands which are a part of the sovereign island nation of St. Vincent.

Here is Steven and Kate's story….

Steven first contacted us to inquire about a limousine and restaurant recommendation for a very special evening, as well as to get a few insider tips about Barbados in general. His girlfriend Kate was a frequent visitor to the island; Steven's visit would be his first. Steven was under enormous pressure to find a setting that didn't fall into the been-there-done-that category for Kate. Steven was sure of WHAT he wanted to do, but a little unsure of HOW he wanted to do it. His only criterion was that his proposal of marriage to Kate had to be nothing short of spectacular!

Several options were discussed and tossed about, until we suggested that a day trip to the Grenadines aboard a Chantours charter, a mere 30 minute plane ride away, was perhaps one of the most idyllic settings on earth to ask for her hand in marriage.

The challenge, however, was to keep everyone - from the boat captain, to the taxi driver to the other six guests on board - in on the secret without letting on to Kate.

After numerous emails and telephone calls, a plan was set into motion.

First, Steven requested a bottle of champagne to be on board Chantours' 45 ft luxury catamaran, Flagship, ready for the celebrations. Next, it was arranged that Captain Bagga would take the couple over to the remote island of Mopion in his row boat. Once there, Steven professed his love for Kate and then, down on his knee, took her hand and placed a ring on her finger, asking the much anticipated question," Kate, will you marry me?" Speechless at first, Kate finally blurted out "of course I will!"

In dreamlike surroundings, seemingly as far away from civilization and the modern world as could be imagined, a marriage was born.

Later that evening, we arranged for a luxury car ride, complete with chilled champagne, and the best seaside table at the world famous restaurant The Cliff, in order for Steven and Kate to celebrate the start of their new life together.

We met up with Kate and Stephen for sunset cocktails at the Sandy Lane Hotel and heard their story. In almost comic opera, Steven told of trying to keep the ring hidden from Kate on the flight over to Barbados, and how he deftly managed to hide it in his short's pocket to take on the Grenadines trip. And of surreptitiously trying to get away from Kate for just a moment to chat with Captain Bagga and tell him of his plan. All the while, lets not to forget, after traveling half way around the world, that Kate would say yes!

All in all, they said it was the most perfect experience they could have ever imagined. The entire day was absolutely perfect and everyone co-operated, including the weather, to make this a once in a life time fantasy proposal, along with a lifetime of memories of their special day in the Caribbean.

We wish Steve and Kate all the very best for their future.