Throwing a western bridal shower can be a great way to weave the bride's love of country music, western living, or her free spirited ways into a fun and rowdy party. If you have planned to throw a cowboy themed bridal shower your first task will be to find western themed bridal shower invitations. These invitations should have a design that fits the style of western party that you are planning on throwing, and if possible, it should match the western wedding favors you plan on handing out at the bridal shower.

If your bridal shower is going to have a country western theme then your wedding favors can include both cowboy themed as well as country music themed favors. Cowboy themed bridal shower favors can include things like miniature cowboy hat snack holders and cowboy boot place markers. Country music favors can include things like CDs, posters, and key chains that feature country music legends. You will also want to include the character icons from your country western favors into the decorations at the bridal shower. If your bridal shower budget will allow it, you may want to buy a life size stand-up of the bride-to-be's favorite country music singer or western hero.

Bridal showers with a cowboy theme are another variation within the western themed wedding genre. If you want to have a cowboy themed bridal shower then you might want to consider designing the menu around an old fashioned chuck wagon cook-out or a BBQ. To accent the menu your cowboy themed favors can include things like cowboy hats, cowboy boots, little lassos, mustangs, steers, cows, horseshoes, etc. You can use these cowboy icons on cookies, suckers, napkins, placemats, cakes, snack holders, tablecloths, and just about anything that will stand still.