Your getting married soon and you must do a lot of planning. You have the ceremony planning wrapped up and your in the final stages of your planning. So you decide it is the right time to have a bridal shower but you are not sure what bridal shower favors to give to your guests. Well below I have put together a list of some of the more popular bridal shower favors.

Crystal perfume bottle

Always a decadent pairing--perfume and crystal. The crystal perfume bottle, on a satin pillow, is gift wrapped in a subdued, elegant box tied with an organza ribbon and matching heart tag. Delight and surprise your bridal party. Indulge yourself with the perfume bottle with a crystal heart topper. Or--as wedding favors, these exquisite perfume bottles are incomparable and make upscale bridal shower favors.

Bath salts with wooden scoop

Give your guests the gift of tiny "marquise" diamond bath salt. Fragrant bath salts and a carved wooden scoop create the perfect bath favor. Your bridal party will love the hand carved wooden scoop that comes with this favor as they scoop out the lily of the valley scented salts, enough for 2 full relaxing baths. Each gift boxed favor measures 2 3/4" x 4" and each wooden scoop measures 1" x 3". The marquis bath salts and wooden scoop come in a black gift box with a beautiful organza ribbon and "Marquise" designer tag. This makes a perfect bridal shower favors.

Charmed by love set of 4 Love wine charms

One of our more popular bridal shower favors, and more useful! Guests will love how sleekly presented this set of 4 wine charms is, in it's black windowed box, tied with a sheer organza ribbon and little wine bottle shaped "Charmed by Love" tag. Each charm spells out L-O-V-E, with the O being represented by a red crystalline heart. (The letters are made of beautiful silver chrome.) Gift Box measures 6 inches long by 3 inches wide. Makes a great favor for your shower attendants.

This is just a few of the very many bridal shower favors that are available. So just browse around until you find the perfect bridal shower favors for you and your guests.