What could be more fun than pretending to be glamorous actresses at a bridal shower you are hosting with your best friends? Assign each one of your guests a famous name from a well-known movie era. Encourage your guests to wear gloves, rhinestones, hats, feather boas, flashy clothes, retro sunglasses, or anything that will make them "look the part." Each "actress" will introduce themselves, show their picture, brag about their Oscars, husbands, movies, and even their scandals!

Pick either "The Talkies" (1930s) or "The Golden Age (1940s)

The Talkies ~ The Golden Age
Carole Lombard ~ Elizabeth Taylor
Greta Garbo ~ Vivien Leigh
Marlene Dietrich ~ Ava Gardner
Jean Harlow ~ Ingrid Bergman
Joan Crawford ~ Lana Turner
Norma Shearer ~ Betty Grable
Bette Davis ~ Katharine Hepburn
Mae West ~ Judy Garland
Loretta Young ~ Ginger Rogers

Hollywood invitations, favors, decorations, and candles can all be ordered online from various websites specializing in party favors. Decorate your table with a bag of silver and black confetti, with Lights, Cameras, Movie Reels and Star designs. Buy mini plastic Hollywood streets signs and miniature gold plastic trophies. As a gift for the attendees, you can purchase Hollywood Walk Of Fame Certificates, licensed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The cost if $5.00 and they let you select from 70 titles and inspirational inscriptions.

Serve your guests sparking cider in plastic martini glasses. Arrange the food platters to resemble a post Oscar party. Some suggestions are: Eggplant "Caviar", Salmon Mousse, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, and a chocolate "fountain" with fruit for dipping. Out of all the bridal showers your friends will attend, this will be the one they remember best!