People love parties, and the person of honor at a party loves it even more, but parties such as Bridal Showers can get costly. There are ways to cut back on the costs while still throwing a great party for the Bride and her friends.

Food is a staple at any party. Some people choose to have their parties catered to save them time but caterers are pricey. You could choose to have a party with only light refreshments, but this might leave guests feeling hungry and a little gypped. A good solution is to throw a potluck style Bridal Shower. Invite guests to bring something they've made at home to the party. You provide the napkins, silverware and plates. To cut back further on the costs you can make up punch and tea to serve guests instead of buying sodas and alcoholic drinks.

The bride will almost certainly be expecting gifts and this can be handled in a couple of different ways. You can set up a ‘wishing well' made out of a large box covered in wrapping paper. Tell the guests before the party that you are using the ‘wishing well' and they only need to bring smaller inexpensive type household items. There are lots of smaller appliances and basic items that the couple will need when starting out on their own. Don't underestimate the value of plain kitchen towels and coffee mugs. After all a little adds up to a lot. As guests arrive to the bridal shower they can put the items into the ‘wishing well.' The gifts can be wrapped or unwrapped, with or without tags. It depends on how you want to operate the ‘wishing well' and the bride will appreciate getting lots of smaller gifts. You can also take up a collection among the guests to get the bride and groom one larger gift. That way it's a little easier on everyone's budgets.

As for decorations you can usually find themed party packages that will help you cut back on cost and effort of tracking down individual decorative items and even supplies for games.