Bridal games for showers and bridal parties vary greatly, but it is easy to find suggestions, if you look online, in bride magazines, and party planning stores. Bridal games add fun and laughter to the party!

As the guests arrive, they get a clothespin clamped to their clothing. They are instructed not to say a certain word, such as ‘bride' or ‘wedding', and if they do, the person who catches them, gets their clothespin. The one wearing the most clothespins at the end of the party wins a prize.

Create an original list of 15-25 wedding items then photocopy the sheet for your guests. From that list, choose 10-15 wedding items that would be good to use for words scrambles, and write them on a piece of paper. (For example wedding gown - could be scrambled to read dinwged nowg.) Give the guests the sheet, and allow them 5 or 10 minutes to unscramble the words. Whoever unscrambles the most is the winner.

Here's how the "Millionaire" game can be played as a bridal game. Rather than a million dollars, the prize is a mystery gift in a nicely wrapped box. Come up with 15 questions about the bride and the groom that will lead to stories about the future couple. Then, add 3 incorrect answers and the correct answer for each question. Before time to open gifts, everyone gets a pen and paper, and the 1st question is read and 4 answers are given. Each guest writes down what they believe to be the correct answer. Those who answer correctly continue to play. Now the bride-to- be can expand on the question (How did you first meet?) while opening the first gift. The questions continue until there is just one person playing, and that person wins the gift.

A really fun game to play at any party is "Pass the box," and it works especially well at bridal parties. Take a small gift, like a pretty candle, place it in a box, and then wrap it with layer after layer of different colors of paper. Play some music while passing the present around, when the music stops, the guest left holding it unwraps the first layer of wrapping paper, then the music starts again and the box is passed, then every time the music stops, another layer is removed until someone finally unwraps the very last layer, and wins the bridal game.

A great bridal game to get everyone involved is to divide up into several groups, and give each a roll of toilet paper. The teams are told that they must create a wedding dress using only the roll one toilet paper. One member of the team becomes the model and the rest decorate. Give them 3-5 minutes to create the dress. The bride gets to judge the results, and declare a winner. Be sure to take photos of this bridal game.