Getting an invitation to a shower can be very exciting. Showers are usually pretty fun. You get to play fun games and socialize with your friends. A night out with your friends is bound to be a good time. Getting the invitation is usually the stress free end of the deal. The person throwing the shower has a little bit more to worry about.

First thing you need to do is plan when and where the shower is going to be. You will need to check with the guest of honor to make sure they can be there. If it is a surprise shower you will need to do some investigating or get someone else to help you plan it for a night you know the guest of honor will be available. Next you will need to decide where to have the shower. This will depend on what kind of shower you are having. The number of guests that will be attending may also affect where the shower will be. If you want the shower at your house, but do not have enough space for all the guests you may have to choose another location.

Next you will need to decide on a theme for the shower. Usually the invitations reflect what the theme of the party is. Once you know what your theme is you can start looking for just the right invitations. You want to make sure the invitations give you room to put all the needed information such as who and what the shower are for, time, date, place, and hostess phone number. If you want your guests to R.S.V.P you need to put this on the invitation as well. If the shower is a surprise you need to put that on the invitation so the guests know not to tell the guest of honor. You want the invitations to be fun, but practical.

If you are a creative person you may choose to make your own invitations. This can be a time consuming task, so make sure you are willing to invest the time before you get started. You can also just buy your invitations. There are many places you can look to get just the right invitations.

You can go to your local store, or look in a catalog or magazine, or the local printers, or even the Internet. These are also good places to look for ideas if you are making your own invitations. The Internet offers a huge selection of places you can buy invitations. If you look on the Internet you are sure to find just the right invitation for your shower. You can even design your own invitation if you don't like the pre made invitations available. Just remember that the invitation should be fun yet still be practical. You need to make sure your guests get all the needed information to attend the shower.