The date is set and your wedding plans are in full swing. With so many things to do, the really clever bride will suggest something simple and elegant for her Bridal Shower. Nothing is more unusual and inspiringly beautiful than a Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea. A change from the usual Bridal Shower Luncheon to the unusual Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea immediately sets the tone for a simple, but elegant event.

Locating the perfect spot for your afternoon tea is the priority. A special tea room which accommodates private events is first and foremost. Call the Tea Room in the area of your choice, or ask friends or colleagues to recommend a Tea Room they have visited in the past. Talk with the owner, and be sure this is the coordinator for your special day. Next, plan a quick visit to meet with the owner to outline the details of the specifics for your Tea, including the menu, seating, and any extras including handicapped access, parking, and additional charges your plan may not include. Ask for ideas from their previously held teas. Their experience will set the tone for your special day! When looking over the Tea Room ask yourself these questions:

1) Is the room beautifully decorated before the event begins? Are there florals, ribbons, and bows? This will keep your expense to an absolute minimum if the Tea Room has a natural décor conducive to a Bridal Tea.

2) Are the Events Coordinator and Staff polite and courteous? Do they seem accommodating to some of your specific needs? With so many guests with specific dietary needs, your Tea Room Hostess must have flexibility to whatever degree they can accommodate you. If the answer is yes, to both of these questions, the rest of your planning will be a breeze!

3) Ask if the Tea Room can do more than the Tea, can they provide Hostess Gifts for the guests? If a Bridal Shower cake is being planned, can their pastry chef provide the cake? Can you meet with the Pastry Chef to go over the details? Let the Tea Room do as much as they can to make your planning easier and more affordable. Remember, if their Pastry Chef is preparing the pastries, chances are she can also provide a beautiful centerpiece cake for your future Bride.

Invitations to your Bridal Shower Tea should most always have the Tea theme, and definitely be in writing. (Email invitations are usually reserved for "save the date" notices, but should not be used for the Afternoon Tea invitation, no matter how tight the budget is!) The recipient has had the stage set for her, and knows how detailed your planning is, by the invitation you send. Be sure that the Tea Room provides specific map directions to their location for you to include in the invitation envelope. If you are asking ladies to wear a hat, include that suggestion as well. Making your Bridal Shower Tea unforgettable is what makes the memories last a lifetime.

The photographs of the Bridal Shower Tea and your guests will be just as important. Remember gifts to a Bridal Shower Tea are sometimes so beautifully wrapped that they are actually a work of art. Be sure the Tea Room provides a Gift Table for you, and don't forget to photograph the gift table before the Bride begins to open her gifts. With just a small amount of planning, and a Tea Room of spectacular proportions, your Bride will feel as though she has stepped into the land of enchantment for just a day. You will have planned a most extraordinary Bridal Shower Tea, without exhausting yourself or your budget. You, as the hostess, can step in and begin to enjoy an afternoon of elegance.