Bridal Showers can be held any time of the day, and the time of day can be used to determine appropriate food and drinks for the shower. Games are the fun part of planning a bridal shower, so plan ahead, or find a guest who is willing to help out, to be in charge of planning and organizing games. You should work together to choose games that go along with your bridal shower theme.

Finger foods set out all around the room work well, and eliminate the need for an elaborate table spread. If you don't want to prepare the food yourself, purchase pre-made deli trays of vegetables, fruit, or meats and cheeses, and, of course, the cake!

Invitations should be sent two or three weeks in advance, to give guests time to find that 'perfect' gift, and work the bridal shower into their schedules. Don't forget to include any special instructions in the invitations, if your games (or theme) require guests to bring specific items to the shower.

Themes for Bridal Showers

If the new bride doesn't know how to cook, a kitchen shower is for her! Let all the guests know the new bride needs a little help in the kitchen! Use the bridal registry to pick kitchen shower gifts, play some kitchen and cooking related games, or even prepare snacks at the party, and give recipes to the bride to be.

Naughty and Nice bridal showers, where guests bring one "naughty" gift for the Bride and Groom's honeymoon, and one "nice" gift for the home, are always fun. All the naughty gifts can be placed in a black satin pillow case, tied with a red ribbon for the couple's honeymoon night. If the bride is modest, these gifts do not have to even be opened at the shower, but most people get lots of laughs when they are.

A Recipe and pantry shower for newlyweds who already have a home set up, is a nice alternative to giving household items they may already have. Each guest brings all the nonperishable items for a dish, or meal, along with a recipe for preparing the meal.

Games for Bridal Showers

Play an apron memory game, where at least 10 different kitchen utensils are attached to an apron. Have the bride wear the apron as the guests arrive. Then, when everyone is present, have her leave the room. Once she has left, have the guests try to remember what was pinned to her apron. The guest who guesses correctly most often, wins, and can keep the apron, or give it to the bride to be.

This game is a great naughty game for the naughty and nice bridal shower. Give every guest a brown paper bag, and have them put it over their head. Once everyone is wearing the bad, tell them to remove one thing that they don't need to be wearing. Continue asking guests to remove one more thing, until everyone realizes they don't need the paper bag on their head!

Pin the Boutonniere on the Groom: Enlarge a picture of the groom, and have blindfolded guests try to put a flower sticker on the groom's vest - right where the boutonniere should be.

Turn a glass bowl into a "wish bowl" for the couple! Guests write their wishes for the new couple on little slips of paper, and put them in the bowl. This can be a touchingly sentimental moment at the bridal shower to show how much you care.

Any Bride-to-be will love a bridal shower picture album filled with photos of herself with each of her shower guests. These can be taken with an automatic or digital camera, printed out, placed in a miniature photo album, with a handwritten bit of advice from each guest slipped into the adjoining page. What a wonderful way to recall your bridal shower.