The job of planning the bridal shower for the Bride is coordinated by the maid or matron of honor. It is common for all of the bridesmaids to help with the party. Many parties are theme coordinated to bring a focus to the festivities. Once the shower theme and location are determined, the details can come into place and the planning and fun can begin. Bridal shower themes can be at an exotic location, based on the bride's favorite hobby or any other theme determined. The bridal shower party is an intimate opportunity for family and close friends to get together for an evening or afternoon to provide the bride with one last special party with her girlfriends before her big day!

There is the possibility that more than one bridal shower is being planned. It is not uncommon for the bridal party, close relatives and co-workers to each plan a separate bridal shower for the bride. This makes it very important to coordinate with the bride to ensure that she can actually attend each event on their planned date.

The bride should be consulted on who is invited and what types of gifts are needed. Invitations to the event should let the guest know the theme of the shower so that an appropriate gift can be purchase and brought.

Invitations should be mailed three to four weeks before the event and should include:

• Name of the bride.
• Date of the shower.
• Time of the shower.
• Address where the shower is being held.
• Name and phone number of the hostess/hostesses.
• A deadline date for the RSVP.
• Bridal shower theme.

A theme can be used for the bridal shower. One such theme could be gifts that would "pamper the bride." Your invitation should tell the guests the theme and offer some suggestions. Gifts could include a cozy robe, bath products, a book by her favorite author, wine, chocolate, or gift certificates for a massage, pedicure, manicure, or facial.

Themes can also be practical and catered to fulfill the bride's or the couple's needs. A young couple just starting out may need everything for their new home or apartment.

The bridal shower should be schedule about two months before the wedding and the date and time should be check with the bride to ensure that it is a good date. It is not recommendation that the bridal shower be schedule with less than a month until the wedding. The bride and her family are usually very busy with last minutes details.