Bridal shower music is often an afterthought, but it can be an important part of the atmosphere you are trying to create. Answering some basic questions about your wedding shower, will help you with your choice of music. So lets take a look.

Is there a bridal shower theme?

This will help you decide what type of music to play. For instance, Disco for a 70s theme, or Hawaiian for a Luau theme.

Age range of guests?

Many parties include guests of all ages. Even if there is a theme, try and provide a variety of songs, that would appeal to the different age groups.

Will there be dancing?

If you want your guests to dance, choose songs they can dance to.

What if there is no theme?

Many bridal showers are still an occasion for guests to offer best wishes, conversation, and presents. Music playing softly in the background, may be all you need.

Any other considerations?

What type of music does the bride like. Are there any songs that remind people of her? Remember it is her special day.

Choose your bridal shower music with the same detail as other parts of your planning. It is one more area that will contribute to the overall success of your party.