If you are a bit stumped about what you should give out at your bridal shower in the form of party favors, then you should turn to making bridal shower loot bags for your guests. That way you can include a variety of smaller and less expensive items and there is almost always something in each bag that your guests will like.

There are plenty of smaller items that you can purchase and you can usually find them on websites that will also monogram or personalize them for you. One of the most popular items to include in a loot bag is some form of cookie. Usually the cookies are shaped or themed after the idea of a wedding or the bride. You'll find wedding cake shaped cookies and even wedding gown shaped cookies. A food item is also a good choice to include in the loot bags because it's cheaper, can be made to look elegant and adds bulk to the bags.

Other items typically found that are designed for weddings and bridal showers are candles, lip balm, mints, key chains, wine stoppers, frames, paper weights, tea sets and bags and tea infusers, seed packets, incense, scented sachets, and even cookie cutters and coasters. If you've got the imagination you can pretty much personalize and include anything in your bridal shower loot bags.

However an easy loot bag to put together could focus on tea. Purchase personalized or regular packets of a nice tea. Herbal teas usually come in nicely decorated aluminum packets. Pop a few different kinds in the loot bag, along with a coffee mug or tea cup themed after the wedding or bridal shower. Include your cookies or candy and you've got a little loot bag for the guests. You can also include related items like small tins of breath mints, or cookie cutters, or even a tea infuser in each bag.