Bridal Showers can be given with just about any theme under the sun. You can do the standard kitchen shower where everything centers around giving the bride kitchen friendly stuff. One thing I have noticed during these types of showers though, is less and less brides really know how to cook. Thus you can buy them the coolest springform pan set and they don't have any idea what exactly it is used for.

Another favorite Bridal Shower theme is the Tea Party. It's sophisticated, it's quaint, and if you have a lot of older guests, it can be perfect. But, for a young, hip, professional woman, the Tea Party just lacks something.

Lesser used themes make for interesting bridal showers and have your guests remembering and talking about the evening for months to come. For the couple who loves to entertain and defines being the "life of the party" I recommend throwing a Cosmopolitan Cocktail Shower. This type of shower is especially good for those couples who have lived together and have most of what would be considered "normal" bridal shower gifts. Instead of giving them kitchen ware, or even lingerie, the party encourages the gift giver to give something that would be used in entertaining, whether it is something to stock the liquor cabinet, glassware, or even cookbooks that have appetizers and mixed cocktails included in them.

Have a sampling table of bar food, and several types of mixed drinks including Cosmopolitans (thus the name of the shower!) - alcoholic and nonalcoholic - for refreshments. The atmosphere will ultimately end up being relaxed and fun. For games, try to get some historical facts about the bride that covers the time since she was a child. Then create statements like "The Bride once tried to Billy Patrick in first grade but got so nervous she threw up on him instead - fact or fiction?" The guest who gets the most right will, of course, win. You should be prepared, however, for the guests to offer some juicy historical tidbits of their own!