Some guests like a party that involves them in an activity such as the more popular bridal shower games that are becoming almost a necessity for the average shower. These active and more involved games aren't like trivia games or the ‘newly wedded' game that's adopted from the television show. Everyone usually has an equal chance to win something or just have a little fun.

The first game idea is the ‘Bridal Drawing' game. It's more of a fun activity than a game because there isn't really a winner; it's just something to laugh over. Give each of the guests a piece of paper, a pencil, and a book or brown paper bag. There are a couple of variations of the game. In some the guests have to put the paper flat on the cover of the book and place the book on the tops of their heads, with the paper side up. Then they have to draw a picture on the tops of their head's; of what the bride will look like on her wedding day. In another version the guests just put paper bags over their heads and draw the picture on any hard surface in front of them. The point is to keep them from being able to see what they are drawing. Usually the game results in a few good pictures to laugh over and you can save them to give to the bride in a memory book.

Another good game idea is the ‘Grab Bag' game. Usually only women can participate in this one. Before the bridal shower make up a list of items typically found in a purse. These are fairly obvious, hairbrush, keys, wallets, tampons, loose change, old mints, etc. You can even add a few unusual items like a pair of tights, condoms, or nail polish remover. This is a fun game and you'll find that you can really learn a lot about a person by what they keep in their purses.

A quick game is the ‘Rice Bowl' game. Place a bag of rice in a large bowl with safety pins or (safer for the guests) birdseed like sunflower seeds. Guest will all go through the bowl at once for about two minutes looking for seeds or pins. Whoever has the most at the end of the time is the winner.