A marriage, many would say, is the most significant event in your life. This is why many brides-to-be want every aspect of their event to be perfect. This includes their bridal shower. The bridal shower is meant to be one of the last single "special" times when the bride shares the day with family and close friends. Whether it is your sister, best friend, cousin, co-worker, or niece that is getting married, you want to be sure that you throw a great event that will be remembered by the bride for her lifetime.

Bridal shower favors are always a big hit! Whether you choose something big or small, elegant or unique, you want bridal shower favors that everyone will love. Not sure what to purchase as a bridal shower favor? Not to worry, we have plenty of ideas for you, including unique, trendy, and popular ideas.

Popular Ideas Grow

Plant a memory seed kits, love is blooming flower packs, love grows favors which are all plantable flower packs are popular because the favor grows (just like love) over time. Along the same lines of flower packs we also offer two very unique ideas including the new love rocks engraved stone and love grows on plantable magic bean - which, when it sprouts, is an actual bean with the word "LOVE" stamped into it.

Traditional is Always in Fashion

Looking for something a bit more traditional for the bridal shower? How about a heart shaped love letter opener which contains a copy of a love letter duplicated by one written from John Adams to Abigail Smith in 1763 on the cover of the box? After all what is more romantic and symbolic than a love letter?

Has prince charming found the key to the princess' heart? Then show your guests the bride has found her other half, by presenting to them the charming key to my heart bottle opener. Appearing to be a vintage Victorian inspired key, your guests will be surprised to find that it is actually a functional bottle opener.

Whimsical is Adored by All

Perhaps Cinderella found her price charming? Crystal glass slippers are the perfect fit for bridal shower favors - with or without candies inside.

Cookie Cutter favors show guests that the bride and groom are "Cut Out for Each Other" and make the perfect bridal shower favor for those guests who love to bake.

From faux diamond engagement rings as napkin holders, to pretty purse place card and photo frames, to being struck by cupid's arrow with a cupid inspired desk pen - whimsical favors are sure to please even the most discriminating guest.

A Themed Wedding calls for A Themed Bridal Shower

If the bride is planning a seaside escape, a Las Vegas getaway, or a Cinderella inspired ball, then the bridal shower favors should coincide with the bride's theme. It's usually a good idea to theme the shower that will be unique and reflects the bride's personality, tastes and interests.

Some common wedding favor themes are: beach favors, calla lily favors, Cinderella favors, destination favors, rose or garden theme, or seasonal favors. You can also choose something functional and practical such as kitchen favors which everyone will be able to use and enjoy.

Bath & Soap Favors

If you are planning a traditional, all female bridal shower, bath and soap favors usually go over quite well. From elegant sachets, to bath salts and petals - bath favors are a favorite among female guests. What a great way to relax and unwind after the event! Be sure to check out our selection of bath favors

Wedding and bridal shower guests want to leave the event with a favor that they will appreciate and will use. Remember, favors do not have to be boring! With a little imagination and the help of the ever expanding wedding favor lines, you are sure to find the perfect token of appreciation for your guests.