Trying to think up just-the-right items to use as bridal shower decorations? Sometimes the perfect décor comes from things we know about and use everyday, but for some reason, haven't thought about to use in a bridal shower. We've put together a few ideas that will turn a shower into something special - décor items for that perfect touch of classic elegance or playful panache, depending upon how you use them.

Candles, Candles, Candles

When thinking "bridal shower decorations," don't overlook the use of candles. Using candles in lieu of or along with traditional lighting rises to the top of the list as one of the favorites of brides-to-be when considering decorations with whomever is throwing their shower for them. Candles work wonderfully to not only set a relaxed ambience among shower guests with the tranquil way they light a room, but they also pull double duty when scented types are used. There's nothing that positively affects mood quite like a pleasing fragrance, and that, coupled with the atmosphere created by the lighting effects, make candles an ideal choice as part of a bridal shower-decorating scheme.

Use tapers, floating candles, and pillars in groups of odd numbers - threes, fives, sevens, and so on, depending on how large an area you wish you illuminate. Another trick to keep in mind for using candles as bridal shower decorations is to place the candle groupings in front of mirrors. This creates twice the relaxing effect and also doubles the light. Always use candles all the same color or at least all in the same family of colors. For instance, you might use different shades of reds with light pink, dark pink, and red or colors in the light-to-dark brown family: champagne, ivory, light chocolate.


Fresh flowers are bridal shower decorations that have long been held as a favorite among bridal shower planners. The critical factor is that they must be fresh - never artificial. Artificial flowers have found themselves at the top of the list of the most disliked décor by nearly everyone from professional interior decorators to casual, do-it-yourself party planners. So keep your good taste at the forefront by using only beautifully real, just-cut, fresh-as-you-can-find flowers in any type of home or party decorating plan.

You don't have to spend a bundle on fresh flowers, either. Buy those that are in season and look for less-expensive flowers, like daisies or daylilies. Save the roses and exotics for the actual wedding and still make the bridal shower decorations something really special by grouping the flowers in inexpensive, beribboned pots or vases. Use them as the centerpiece along a buffet table, here and there on tables and shelves, and somewhere in the entranceway to greet shower guests in a freshly fragrant (or non-fragrant, your choice) way.

Candles and fresh flowers are just a couple of ways to make bridal shower decorations something to remember. Get together with friends and relatives and brainstorm among yourselves to come up with ideas that can be classical or casual, elegant or entertaining. The main thing to remember is that the shower should be fun - relaxed, happy, and a good time for not only the bride-to-be, but for all!