"What types of things should I include in my registry?" It's easy to get carried away on this particular topic; don't consider a wedding registry a "wish-list" so much as a list of things (mostly practical items) that you'll easily find a use for in your new home. What follows are tips for deciding what to include on your list (or really, what your guests might get you in exchange for the unique weddings favors you're giving them).

• Before you even think about what sorts of things should be included in the registry, consider that your groom should be involved in this selection process (even if he doesn't realize it yet.) He will undoubtedly have some valuable input on what sorts of things should be there, and he's entitled to pick out a few "guy-oriented" items for potential purchase by your guests.

• An easy way to logically organize what types of things you should ask for is to categorize classes of items by what rooms they will reside in. This is a fairly intuitive means of making sure that you haven't overlooked a gift that would be sorely missed later.

• In the spirit of courtesy, never include any mention of your registry in your wedding invitations; allow the news that you've registered to be spread in a verbal, grass-roots fashion. If the locations you've registered at don't do this for you, make sure you update your registry periodically so you don't receive the same item from two (or more) guests.

• Bear in mind that your registry should contain items that fit inside multiple price-ranges. Guests on a budget would like to feel that their gifts are appreciated, and yet more materially blessed guests will appreciate the option of giving more expensive gifts with the confidence that comes from knowing you've picked it out yourself.

• Don't be afraid to register at unorthodox places (or include unusual items on your list). Each family-to-be is unique, and there's no reason to feel that you don't "deserve" a registry if you already have most of the household items that you need on a day-to-day basis.