Due to various logistical difficulties, couples still receive gifts that did not come from their wedding registry in spite of a registry being provided to guests. Although the couple already has ideas on what they want to receive as gifts, guests may still not be able to find the items on the list at the very store where the couple registered.

This is the primary reason why more and more couples now prefer to register online. An advantage of the online registry is that everything is in writing. Online registries also have the same great products as department stores, and some of them are even sold at discounted prices.

Also, all items listed have pictures along with the details such as color, design and price to allow the guests to see the item they are buying. And the engaged couple can enjoy the ease and comfort of setting up their gift registry without the hassle of going to and dealing with department stores.

In an online bridal registry, you can register for barbecue, electronics, flatware, china and more ? just like you would in an actual store. But to some, it is far better because you sit at home in front of your PC. Just log on to the registry and check off the items you want to receive, or create a gift list for items that are not shown online.

Other sites have consultants that could aid you in creating a gift list by providing you a comprehensive list of what you have chosen and then giving suggestions. Another convenience that online registry provides, aside from having everything in writing and clearly marked, is that the gifts are mailed or delivered to the couple?s house. This makes it easier not only for the couple but also for the guests, since the guests won?t have to carry huge packages to the reception.