Putting together a bridal shower registry can be fun, if you know what you are doing.

First of all, keep in mind that a bridal shower registry is not the same as a wedding registry. Gifts for a bridal shower, after all, tend to be smaller. So do not list major gift items like appliances or furniture. Instead, think naughty items such as sexy t-shirts, lingerie, or aphrodisiacs. More wholesome bridal shower gifts include albums, picture frames, aromatherapy candles, and the like. Romantic CDs and DVDs also make great gifts. You should also list toiletries, such as lotions, shampoos, special soaps and other similar items.

How do you put together a bridal shower registry?

You can take advantage of the in-store registries at the large department stores in order to enable guests who do not live near you to choose and buy gifts that are on the registry. This option, however, can be limiting.

So it is sometimes better to create an online bridal shower registry where your guests can shop in the comforts of their home. Creating an online shower registry at a specialty store will give you the option to choose from a wider variety of products that the shop specializes in. A department store may only have limited varieties of a product while a specialty shop may carry hundreds of varieties.

Some reminders

If your Matron of Honor and other close friends are putting together your bridal shower registry for you, make sure you clue them in on what theme you would like. Avoid getting too surprised by talking to them openly about how you envision your bridal shower to be and what gifts you would like.

Also make sure that the items you include in the registry have a wide range of prices, so that guests with different budgets can have a wider selection to choose from.