Thanks to Queen Victoria, she has set the trend for that glowing white outfit during wedding rites. Before, a bride that will be married to her groom only wears her best dress, or if she is from a wealthy clan, she wears a fancy dress. In addition, weddings before the Victorian times are colorful with brides wearing gowns of varying colors such as purple, yellow, and blue.

Queen Victoria decided to wear a wedding gown made of white satin, trimmed with white lace and a lace veil, held in place by an orange-blossom wreath. It is in contrast with the traditional silver wedding dress that royals within her family circle are wearing during their wedding ceremonies.

She thought her wedding rites to Prince Albert is simple, and yet what she made is more of a fashion statement and trend as well. The choice of white color as an appropriate wedding dress motif is a great coincidence to its meaning which is virginity, purity of heart, and the innocence of childhood.

And now, many brides prefer wearing Victorian wedding dress for their big event mainly because of its elegant yet simple design. What you will find fascinating about Victorian wedding dress is that it is form fitting (usually takes the shape of the bride's body); off the shoulder bodice, and full train and skirt which is still a popular style that is worn by many brides nowadays.

Another noticeable feature of a Victorian wedding dress is that it gives the feeling of royalty to the one who wears it, which is characterized by the lovely lace as well as bountiful beadwork of rhinestones and crystals. This wedding dress is also created from the finest materials available and designed to have an extravagant adornment, excellent choice of crystals, delicate yet best beadwork, and meticulous detailing of each of the part of the dress. It makes the bride unleash her beauty and making her feel confident and ravishing while making that walk on the church aisle.

Victorian wedding dresses are available on all body sizes, whether you are size 40 or size 2. Moreover, there are also Victorian gown designs that will match your age as well. Whether you are in your early twenties or in your late forties, there is a Victorian wedding dress that will suit your requirement.

Furthermore, you will feel more glamorous wearing Victorian wedding dress by the right choice of bridal accessories such as diamonds glittering in your hair and a diamond necklace gracing your neck. It will give a subtle effect to your overall look. Add to it a wedding tiara made of different glimmering crystals for enhanced bridal beauty.

The trend is now set at white. You may also take other colors for your bridal gown, but certainly, the trend set by Queen Victoria during her wedding will be the most popular and widely-accepted fashion statement when it comes to wedding dress. Wearing a Victorian wedding dress will not only make you glamorous in front of your groom and your guests, but will also make you feel how it is to be like a queen.

Enjoy your wedding day wearing that Victorian-inspired dress!