Your search for your wedding dress should begin on the same day that you set your wedding ceremony. The reason is, you should not rush into buying your gown. You need to take your time to search through and make your choice. Whether you buy the gown off the shelf or you have it sewn, you still need time. If any of them has problems with size, details or even length, you need time to get that fixed.

Have a fixed idea of what you want. There are many types of wedding gowns and until you have had enough look through, you cannot safely choose one that best fits you. You can get dress shapes idea from magazines, search on the web, observing what others wear at other weddings or even through window-shopping.

Deal with reputable companies or shops only. Do a diligent search on each shop you want to do business with. If you are buying on the net, contact Better Business Bureau to know if a customer had complaints against them. If it is an ebay auction check out the seller's feedback for any clues as to reputation. Never pay a deposit until you are sure of what you are buying.

it is important that you shop with somebody. That way you have a second opinion bout you choices. Some designs may look good to you but upon a second consideration by another person it may look bad. Get your friend to look at the design you are going for. Let her bring out her opinions.

For a dress to fit, you need to have your measurement taken by the shop. the wedding dress needs to flow. You should walk comfortably in it and it must be extra large. For these reasons, the measurements must be taken by the shop assistant and not rely on your own everyday measurement.