The selection of a right bridal gown is important for any woman to have that graceful, beautiful "million bucks" look on her face on her wedding day. There are different ways of getting a perfect wedding gown. However, the perfect wedding gown might not be affordable as designers charge exorbitant rates to make them. In such a scenario, tailored bridal gowns are the best options.

The tailored bride gowns come at reasonable rates and serve the purpose of the savvy brides. The tailor fashions the gown according to the specifications and dimensions provided, at a discounted or a competitive price. Another advantage of a tailored bridal gown is that if the bride finds a designer pattern of her choice, she can look for the rear, front and side views of the dress and ask the tailor to make similar one for you. Thus with less effort and money the bride can have a wedding dress of her choice. However, a tailored bridal gown may not be as perfect as a designer gown because of the inferior quality of fabric used. Their only perfection lies in their being perfectly made. They can be near designer perfect if not perfect.

Tailored bridal gowns can be made in various styles and colors as seen in style, fashion and bridal magazines. They are made, taking into consideration the bride's figure such as the A-line style created by tailors, to make the bride look slimmer. The preferred fabrics are satin, chiffon and lace. Similarly, to give the impression of height to a bride, natural waist or shirtwaist with full skirt can be made by the tailor at a price that suits the pocket of the client.

A minor alteration to a second hand gown can make it look a good tailor bride gown. The tailored bridal gowns can come with varying price tags but are relatively less priced as compared to the designer ones. This way the tailored bridal gowns serve as good substitute for the designer gowns and render beauty and grace to the bride at a non-luxurious price.