One of the most exciting days in the life of a woman is her wedding day. A wedding day can be planned in different ways. While some people go for ostentatious, elaborate weddings, others like it to be a simple affair. They prefer low-key beach or backyard type wedding. In the latter kind of wedding, the brides like wedding dresses, which match up, to the simplicity of the occasion. Then there are those who are getting married for the second time and prefer their dress to be less elaborate. To cater to the needs of such clients, designers have come up with little different kind of wedding gowns called informal wedding gowns.

Informal wedding gowns are easily available and are less expensive than very fancy gowns. They are preferred because brides consider them more practical given the fact that the wedding gowns are worn once in a lifetime and for that reason, don't need to be as expensive as they sometimes are.

Some brides prefer informal wedding gown for a simple reason of looking different. They find gowns without flowing lace and silk and elaborate veil, unique and eye catching.

Informal wedding gowns are designed keeping in mind the outdoor and the indoor factors such as climate, fashion, theme and invitees. Unlike formal gowns, arrangements have to be made for wedding gloves, headpieces ad ornaments in case of informal wedding gowns.

The designing of the informal bridal gown is different from the formal ones in the sense that the formal do not have cathedral length, have detachable train that can be removed at will to allow for ease and comfort. They can have short cap sleeve or long sleeve to allow bride to show or hide her arm.

Instead of silk used in traditional formal gowns, informal gowns are usually made of affordable, man-made fabric. They have detachable straps and are available in many colors, without rich embellishments. Informal wedding gowns are intended to be sleek and simple. The whole idea behind the informal wedding gown is to give a bride ease and comfort and make her look special, sophisticated and different on her special day.