Every bride must feel flattered in her gown. You have to choose the type of dress that fits your body type. The reason is not far fetched. You will be more comfortable in a dress that fits your shape and you will look more beautiful if your dress in tune with your figure. The fabric from which the dress is made from, color, design and even measurement must match your body type.

We take a look at common figure types and what you need to wear on that great day.

If you have a full figure, you will have to go for the A style. It makes you look tall without making people aware of your waistline. If you don't like this, you can go for the empire style. This style does not reveal your waist line too much. If you are concerned about your weight, then choose a type that shows a little of your neck and arm. Showing them off makes you look slimmer.

For the small women, our best option is short skirt or a knee level gown. Do not go for the sheath-style dress. A dress that is too long will make you appear quite heavy downwards and distort your shape and appearance.

If you have a heavy bust, your option is the off the shoulder gown. It takes peoples' attention from the bust and fixes them on your arms. You will not have to wear long skirts if you have this body type.

Heavy hipped women must go for clothes that emphasize the upper body. The gown must be sleeveless, wide necked or short. That way, you do not draw attention so much to the lower part of your body.