There can be wide ranging questions relating to a bridal gown. These can be with respect to the latest trends, designing and preserving of the gowns. Since bridal fashion changes after every five or six years and every bride desires to look glamorous and beautiful on her wedding, the most frequently asked question is about the latest fashion in bridal gowns.

The questions about the designing of the gown and the kind of fabric to be used are of importance. Brides have different designs and colors to choose from such as the halter necks, lengthy detachable train, long and short sleeves, embellishments and colors of white ivory and platinum. So questions regarding them are the most obvious ones.

In case a woman is getting married for the second time, colors other than white are considered an appropriate choice.

Just as there are many kinds of wedding gowns, there are different designers too. Finding the right designer, whose work can match unto the expectation of the client can be a daunting task. So there are questions pertaining to the top and best designers, who can meet the requirements of the brides.

In case of mail order bridal gowns, questions revolve around placing the order, measurements, alterations, mode of payment estimated shipping date and shipping cost.

The storage of the wedding gown is another area of concern to clients. Gowns need to be stored in an appropriate place especially once it has been used. The problem of discoloration needs to be addressed. Most stores, tailors and designers educate their clients on these issues.

One of the major concerns of women is the cleanliness and preservation of the bridal gown. The FAQs are mainly focused on the design, color, fabric, preservation and storage so as to ensure that the purchase of the bridal gown is a pleasant experience worth cherishing for years to come.